Apr 21

Lime for Pimple Inside Nose

The benefits of lime to treat and cure acne can be combined with other herbal ingredients and made as daily masks, such as the following:   Lime juice + egg white   Combination of lemon juice and egg white can be used as a safe and nutritious daily mask to brighten rough skin, has a brown hole and wide spots spots around the acne which resulted in the face so look dull due to acne that had healed.   Lime juice + yogurt   Combination of lemon juice and yogurt can be used as a daily mask after....
Apr 21

Benefits of Dermatix For Acne

Dermatix is ​​one of the most powerful topical medicines to remove acne scars today. Although the price is relatively more expensive than other drugs, but this is commensurate with the results given. Dermatix is ​​one type of cream acne remover drug in pharmacies. Dermatix is ​​also included in the category of acne antibiotics so its use should not be done randomly. More or less like acne cream, physical form dermatix is ​​also the same gel.   Acne is very disturbing and the psychological....
Apr 21

Subclinical Acne Treatment with Lime

Lime is one type of fruit that is often used by experts in subclinical acne care for men or women. Lime contains vitamin C more than other types of oranges which contain vitamin C in addition contained also other nutrients that are good for facial beauty, health such as Vitamin B1, essential oils, amino acids, sulfur, resins, glycosides and citric acid.   This is the reason why the benefits of lime for acne are very well done!   1. Can shrink pore pores   A face that has a wide or large pore....
Apr 9

Benefit of Garlic and Ginger for Acne

A highly recommended herbal way to remove acne from your skin is to use garlic. Well, why garlic is very helpful to get rid of acne?   As with other herbal ingredients which have been mentioned, garlic also contains extremely powerful antibacterial properties to kill bacteria that cause acne to be one of the main factors that cause acne. Garlic has a sulfur component called thiacremonon, where these components can be useful to remove acne scars are quite stubborn. Garlic is rich in antioxidants....
Apr 9

Effective Remedies for Acne

Today, acne is a common problem faced by people of various generations. When acne appears on your skin, acne may not need to be overly concerned about. However, when the acne appears on your skin is acne, then you need to handle it properly so that the future does not interfere with your overall appearance through the skies. Before knowing the various ways to remove acne, you need to know what the cause of acne.   Causes of Acne The main factors causing acne on your skin are various kinds of....

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